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Pasumarthy Mruthyumjaya Sarma

Pasumarthy Mruthyumjaya Sarma

One of the young bright stars on the Kuchipudi horizon, Pasumarthy Mruthyumjaya Sarma at 31 years has already showcased his brilliant talent and is well on his way to add to the rich history of Kuchipudi and its genre Kuchipudi Yakshaganam. His recital is near to perfect when it comes to postures, finishing sharp touches and a treat to the eyes of cynosure and purists.

Pasumarthy Murthyumjaya Sarma started his dance lessons from the age of six under his maternal grandfather, Nritya Vachasapathi Sri Vedantam Paravteesham, one of the doyen of Kuchipudi. He is born to Sri Pasumarthy Kesava Prasad and Smt Gnana Prasunamba (daughter of Pasumarthy Subrahamany Sastry) on February18th, 1981. It can be easily seen that he had imbibed all the qualities of a great performer as a matter of birth right with lineage of two of the kuchipudi traditional families – Vedantam & Pasumarthy to boast off.

He is lucky to have intensive training from two of the most sought after Kuchipudi Gurus, Yakshaganam Kulapathi Sri Vedantam Rattiah Sarma and Sri Vedantam Radheshyam. To hone his skills further, he was under the tutelage of Padma Bhushan Guru Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam.

His performance bears testimony of having being groomed by the best in Kuchipudi art world and his ability to satisfy the purists and the art lovers at the same time with an aesthetic and captivating display.

Mruthyumjaya Sarma is academically too well qualified being Graduate of Arts from B.R. Ambedkar University, Hyderabad. He has earned a Diploma in Kuchipudi Nrityam in Kuchipudi Yakshagnam from Potti Sreeramulu Telugu Univerisy, Hyderabad. Currently he is pursuing Masters in Kuchipudi dance from the same University.

He has played major roles in Yakshaganams, Kalapams apart from excelling in Ekta pathra Kelikas – solo repertoire of Kuchipudi.

Pasumarthy Mruthyumjaya (left) as snake man in Pagetivesham

The roles performed by him include as:

Narada (Mahishasura Mardini), Brihannala (Keechaka Vadha), Sutradhara & Madhavi (Bhamakalapam), Karmsomayaji(Golla kalapam),

Pasumarthy Mruthyumjaya as Brihannala

Rakshasa (Bhaktha Prahlada), Shiva (Parvarthi Parinayam), Davvarikudu &Mantri (Usha Parinayam) & Balarama (Sasirekha Parinayam).

He has performed in various prestigious stages all over the country and abroad too. Being one of the most sought after performing artist, he is also very keen on imparting training to discerning students.

He is known for his strict adherence to everything traditional, the values, aesthetics, purity among all others that has been preserved for centuries by the traditional Kuchipudi families, be it in performance or teaching. His ability to hold the attention of the audiences without having to compromise on the core values as a performer, teacher, choreographer and nattuvanar is an asset for the Kuchipudi art world to show case its richness.

Pasumarthy Mruthyumjaya Sarma - Solo performance

His performance, commitment, zest belies his age and a lot will be heard from this sincere gifted son of the Pasumarthy family in the years to come.

Pasumarthy Mruthyumjaya Sarma

Plot No; 183 Lalitha Nagar Colony

Opposite Jamai Osmania Railway Station


Mobile: +91 9908201453.




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