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About Us

Panchamavedam Foundation Team
We at Panchamavedam Foundation are a team of like-minded persons ranging from artists to musicians, lawyers to architects, bankers to philanthropists who are working towards accomplishing the primary objective of – Preserve, Protect and Propagate ART. To start with we are working at preservation and perpetuation of Kuchipudi and it genres – chiefly Kuchipudi Yakshaganam.

Our efforts are currently aimed at creating increased awareness and appreciation of the art form amongst the general public. Simultaneously we are working broad basely at enhancing the creative energy amongst the community through a continuous and meaningful dialogue between the stake holders, practitioners of the art, academic institutions, Government organizations and art lovers towards practices that ensure the revitalization of Kuchipudi Yakshagana and its genre, both in India and abroad.

P V Ramana Kumar


P V Ramana Kumar

Basically a Chartered Accountant having his own practice, Ramana is a very genial person by nature but very firm and a man of character & clarity in thoughts, action and deed.

Ramana’s love for art and artists per se has inspired him to be part of the team aimed at protecting, preserving and promoting art for the sake of art.

A philanthropist by birth, his interest in contributing back to the society is a very noble approach in making this place a better place than what he saw in the first place.






Vasanta Sobha Turaga

Vasantha Shobha Turga

A world famous established Conservation Architect. Known for her forthrightness and creative foresight, Sobha is one of the most sought after Conservation Architect. Has to her credit quite a few international and national projects.

Sobha is known for profound and precise understanding of the subject and is one of the pillar of the Foundation.

Sobha has been teaching and writing on the subject for quite a few years and her constant encouragement to Sudha Sridhar, her long standing friend saw the formation of the Foundation. Having single handedly achieved in creating momentum and getting Heritage projects implemented due to her passion for the subject, Sobha’s no nonsense attitude and presence is a boon to the team.




Sudha Sridhar

Sudha Sridhar
A double graduate in Dance and Law has a very sharp and unique style of functioning, a pure go getter and works from the heart. Having graduated from Kuchipudi Dance form, Sudha who has given performances at many a prestigious stages / events / festivals all over the country is now an ardent teacher passing on the art form to her students through Nartana Academy for Performing Arts.

Sudha always feels that dance is one form of communication and an excellent medium to convey messages of value to one and all. Sudha with her background of law want to be part of laws pertaining to cultural advocacy in particular to Kuchipudi Yakshaganam. One can call her as a cultural activist.

Sudha being very passionate about art forms is also a resource person for an exclusive dance magazine KALASPANDAN & Nartaki.


Mudunuri Nagarajababa

M S Nagaraja Baba

Art and Kuchipudi in particular has been an integral part of his life for decades now, since he goaded and supported his wife Vidya Murthy, in her activities as a Founder Director of Nartana Academy for Performing Arts. Nagaraja Baba who has recently retired from a very senior position from a Public Sector Bank is plunged head long into social activities and is using his managerial skill and acumen in furthering the cause of human, religious and cultural values.

For Nagaraja Baba, a man of values, being part of the team is a God send opportunity to contribute to the art form Kuchipudi and its genre Yakshaganam and take it to greater heights in the days to come. His rich experience and people skill are an invaluable addition to the team.






Nallan Chakravarthy Murthy

N C Murthy

Nallan Chakravarthy Murthy, a retired scientist from a Government Organisation, has art in his blood. 
He is performing carnatic musician and also a revered Adhunika Vageeyakara. His compositions are being published in a series of books titled NCM Series of music books.

His contribution to music is unmatched and unique since he holds many a first to his credit as composer of carnatic music. Being born in a very traditional family of musicians and dancers of high acclaim, N C Murthy as he is affectionately called is a very silent but path breaking contributor who lets his work talk for him.

His tryst with dance world started with his great uncle C R Acharyulu, being part of his entourage as a musician. His uncanny ability and God given creativity enables him to roll out new creations at will at a very prolific speed almost at the speed of light. Continuing his creative urge after retirement, N C Murthy has created new varnams, padams, keerthanas and thereby added to the richness of both the music and dance world.

Being the part of team, N C Murthy brings with him the much needed guidance with a rare mixture of fresh approach, experience, maturity and a creative edge.


Deepa Madhavan

Deepa Madhavan

Deepa Madhavan a consultant architect associated with INTACH has worked on several Conservation and Heritage Education projects. Deepa who was once an academician, teaching Architecture at the undergraduate level was also a co-ordinator of SPIC MACAY.

Deepa Madhavan, a very level headed and helpful person by nature uses her strong credentials and analytical bent of mind to create avenues for protecting and preserving art form in its pristine form.

Deepa’s patient, very understanding and helpful guidance for a long time, in giving shape to the flood of thoughts that germinated in Sudha Sridhar’s mind and heart in the matter of contributing to Art world is an inspiring element of the team.

Deepa with her unique combined experience of Academic, Corporate and the NGO world is clearly one of the major strength of the team.




Sreepada Rama Krishna

Rama Krishna, a Chief Engineer with a software firm, is hailing from a family which has been very regiliously following philanthrophy as a philosophy. They not only firmly believe in the concept that Charity begins at Home but also implement the same in a very systematic way.

Rama Krishna’s expertise in a wide range of technologies is an asset as the technology arm of the Foundation. Rama Krishna offers an unique combination of a practical philanthropist and technocrat who has a zeal to contribute to the society from the bottom of the heart.


Sridhar R


Sridhar R

A cost accountant and certified Information System Auditor by qualification, Sridhar’s tryst to art world started from a very early age through the impact of having grown up in a traditional art loving family.

While globalisation has its benefits in shrinking the world, arts and culture could be much better placed to showcase its unique identity and continuing contribution to the socio economic cause with a humane touch.

Being a banker and an incorrigible optimist Sridhar, a sober person wants to be the helping hands for the improvement of art and artists whose hands are already tied up with art.




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