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Chinta Sriram Murthy

Chinta Sriramamurthy (left) as Madhavi and Vedantam Satyanarayana Sarma in Bhamakalapam.


Born to Chinta Suryaprakash and Rukminiamma on Margashira sudha panchami, December 5th, 1944, in one of the traditional family of Kuchipudi village, Chinta Srirram Murthy started his training in Kuchipudi Yakshaganam at a very tender age of six under Guru Chinta Sitaramanjaneyulu. Later he was under the tutelage of Pasumarthi Krishnamurthy and Vedantam Parvathisam. He learnt Kuchipudi Yakshaganam and Kalapams from the legendary Vedantam Satyanarayana Sarma and subsequently he travelled with him as a part of his team.

He is blessed with a good diction coupled with singing talent. Since his forefathers are all well revered as Pagateveshalu artists, Chinta Sriram Murthy along with his younger brother, Chinta Radhakrishna also took up the art form seriously as performers apart from Kuchipudi Yakshaganam. He and his friend Bhagavatula Ram Murthy used to prepare their own costumes, apparels, drums, accessories required for enacting various Pagateveshalus. Even till date he is able to recollect atleast 15 Pagateveshalus while he recalls that at one time he knew more than 50 Pagateveshalus to perform.

Chinta Sriramamurthy’s father Chinta Suryaprakasam (right) in Sarada Vesham – Photo taken 100 years ago

Chinta Sriramamurthy.

Chinta Sriramamurthy is seen here delivering Pageti veshalu impromptu – one of the last few links to

Pageti veshalu of the past in its pristine form.

Some of the Pagateveshalus that are famous are Bhairagi vesham, Garadi vesham, Budabukala vesham, Fakir vesham, Batraju vesham, Erukalasani vesham, Sri Vaishnavalu vesham, Koya vesham, Lambadi vesham, Dadinamma vesham, Sarada vesham, Somayajulu Somidevamma vesham, Komati Linga Balija vesham, Pettaladora vesham, Gangiretulavadu vesham, Pamulu vesham, etc.

Recently he heard a rustic person approach the temple with the hand held drums singing a song, where Chinta Ram Murthy was performing puja, hearing the same Chinta went into a trance and took the drum from his hand and went performing the veshams unmindful of the surrounding and he says that when he opened his eyes after a long recollection of veshams there was a huge gathering around him witnessing the same with awe.

The rich knowledge and the valuable experience that he is prepared to share is going abegging in the absence of real takers for the same. Additionally documenting the same for posterity is what the requirement of the hour is, he says.

Chinta Srirama Murthy,

Sivalayam Street,


Moova Mandalam

Krishna District

Andhra Pradesh

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