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Chinta Siva Adinarayana

Chinta Siva AdinarayanaHailing from a traditional family of Kuchipudi Bhagavatulu Sri Chinta Siva Adinarayana was born in the year 1972 to Chinta Seetha Ramaanjaneyulu, maintaining the family tradition he started his training under his father initially and later under Dr. Vempati China Satyam at Kuchipudi Art Academy, Chennai.

By qualification he is an Intermediate and has cleared the Sanskrit Pravesika exams. He has performed over 1000 national and international dance shows and has been teaching dance for over two decades now. He is the Founder Principal of Bharathi Kuchipudi Dance Academy, Uppal, Hyderabad. He has won many a certifications and scholarships, notable among them being certified Scholar by Ministry of Human Resource Development Department of Culture, New Delhi.

His other credentials include

  • Certification by Academy of Indian Dances (Tirupathi, AP)
  • Natya Shiromani award by Golden Star Organisation
  • Silver Medal awarded by Andhra Telugu Association at USA for outstanding performances in ten different region
  • Certificate of excellent performance received from Kalaniketan Academy of Indian Classical Dances, Pittsburg, Pennysylvania (USA) in 1998 for performances in
    • Ardha Nareeshwara
    • Ramayanam
    • Hara Vilam
    • Kiratharjuniyam
    • Srinivas Kalyanam
    • Annamaya
    • Kshirasagara Madanam
    • Bhakta Kannapa etc.

Contact Details
Chinta Siva Adinarayana,
H.No. 2-19-32,
Kalyanapuri Colony,
Hyderabad – 500039.

Mobile: +91 98498 11130, +91 90104 77000

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